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So you wanna be a bass player? Great, you've come to the right place. Whether you're just starting or someone who has been playing bass for awhile, I can help you become a better musician. I'm a patient, professional bass instructor who has spent over 30 years developing my skills as both a player and teacher.

I teach upright and electric basses and NON-BASS PLAYERS too. I've worked with all kinds of instrumentalists on fundamental musical and improvisational skills.

If you want to study with someone who will really listen to you and pinpoint the things you need to focus on, then I'm your man.

Here are some of the topics we'll cover in your lessons:

- Technique
- Musical vocabulary (scales, arpeggios etc)
- Improving your groove
- Creating excellent bass lines
- Practical theory and harmony
- Ear training
- Note and chart reading
- Repertoire
- Improvising

One of the many benefits of working with me is the chance to use the wide variety of LIVE backing tracks I've created for my other website, PlayJazzNow. I started PJN in 2006 because I couldn't find play-along tracks that were suitable for my students. Now I've got a ton of 'em for you to use.

I've written a couple of textbooks, A Practical Workbook for Bass Players, and A Workbook for Jazz Bass Players, which are for sale on this site. I wrote them specifically for the benefit of my students, without any of the usual explanatory language found in textbooks. I've posted some FREE excerpts right here for you to download if you like.

Some of my former students have been kind enough to write about their experiences working with me HERE.


I've created and posted a number of bass instruction videos on YouTube. Here's a sample lesson you can watch. In it I explain how to connect one chord change to the next when you are playing a walking bass line. I'm using what I've learned from the greats: Ray Brown, Paul Chambers, Charles Mingus, Ron Carter, et al. The techniques I discuss are ones I've used with great success with my students over the years.

Here's the same lesson on electric bass:

Here are a couple of other YouTube lessons that folks have enjoyed:


Why do I teach? "Hey, it's a living" could be one answer, and I know plenty of professional musicians who teach to augment their performing income. However, teaching has more personal meanings for me as well:

I feel an obligation to "pay it forward", to pass on the wisdom I've managed to accumulate during the first half of my career (I'm assuming I've got another 30 years or so!). I feel a responsibility to teach what I've learned about playing the bass, about music generally, and about the music biz. I've had some wonderful teachers (bass players as well as other mentors) and I wouldn't be the person I am had it not been for their generosity and occasionally pointed criticism.

I also feel a deep respect for music as an art form. My goal is to help you to integrate all of the tools available for your own self-expression. Those tools are: your ears, your intellect, your physical technique, your eyes and your innate musical instinct.

My students have ranged in age from nine to their mid 60's and have included absolute beginners, bass players looking to get into local bands for fun and pocket change, and hardcore music junkies who have the fire and patience to "go for it" as full time players.


I teach downtown in the South Loop.


I am also now available for lessons via SKYPE. You will need a computer with audio/video capability and a good Internet connection to make this work. I have students all over the U.S. and Europe, plus one in Dubai. It really is an excellent way to connect for lessons if you're not in Chicago. Drop me a note for more details.


And now for the most important question: what do lessons cost? My hourly fee for private lessons (in person or via Skype) is $75.


Please contact me for more information or to set up a meeting time.
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